365 incl. GST 4 Weeks
Tailored payment plans available.
Opening Dates:

Thursdays Starting 4th of July

Times Offered:

6:00pm – 9:00pm


Feeling stuck in your performance skills? Unable to take risks and make bold choices?

This 4 week block will teach students how to approach text in a detailed way, how to find impulsive freedom and play in your work and ultimately learning how to use your instrument (YOU) effectively in acting.

Students will walk away with skills and exercises to approach work autonomously and 1x broadcast quality selftape.

To ensure the best experience, please submit your most recent work upon booking so Brie can tailor the course to your needs before class begins.


Week One: The Instrument (voice & body)

  • Understand how your body, voice, and mindset are important tools for acting.
  • Finding freedom in your instrument.
  • Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and using them to your advantage.

Week Two: Impulsive Play

  • Explore physical vocabulary and impulse training.
  • Take part in exercises to take risks and make bold choices in acting.
  • Understand the importance of being playful and spontaneous in performance.

Week Three: The Text

  • Understanding the writer’s intent.
  • Learning how the weight of the words and what it says about the scene / characters.
  • Finding your own way to analyse scripts.

Week 4: Application of Skills

  • Filming broadcast quality scene.
  • Practice making clear acting choices.
  • Receive feedback and learn how to apply your skills in future work.


14 Spots only

For custom payment plans - please email accounts@imperfectcreatives.com with your preference in classes / times and weekly or fortnightly payments.

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Terms + Conditions

We strive to make high quality content and training accessible for all artists.

Imperfect Creatives offer tailored payment plans for every creative.

Imperfect Creatives’ facilitators and artists are working professionals and classes may need to be rescheduled due to other work. You will receive as much notice as we’re able to give.

A 10% deposit is required to be paid before the start date of a course to secure your spot. We do not offer refunds or credits on deposits paid.

Cancellations are accepted up to 72 hours before the start date of a course. You will receive a credit of the fees paid to be used towards future classes. If cancellations are made within 72 hours before the start date of a course, you will be required to pay the course in full and will not be credited.

In the event of missing classes, we cannot reimburse fees paid, but will endeavor to find a replacement if it suits. Please note: this may not always be possible.

Our payment plans are tailored to each person. If you fail to attend classes, these payments will still need to be paid in full. If you are struggling financially, please email accounts@imperfectcreatives.com to adjust your payment plan.

Overdue invoices will incur a 1.5% fee per day overdue. If reasonably communicated, we can extend due dates and remove fees