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Wednesday 21st February 2024

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Wednesday – 6:30pm – 8:30pm


Come and join us for a 90 minute FREE workshop with the MEAA. This is a great opportunity to hear why the union is so important and a chance to ask any questions you have.

Media, Entertainment Arts Alliance is the Media and Arts union that represents journalists, performers, crew and musicians. The history of these unions goes back to the early days of the twentieth century, and the current structure of MEAA reflects those origins.

Equity is the home of Australia’s and New Zealand’s professional performers. For more than 75 years Equity has been protecting and improving performers’ working conditions, lobbying and campaigning to improve the industries in which they work, hosting industry events, awarding excellence, providing professional development and protecting job opportunities . As a MEAA Equity member you will be joining a long and proud history of professional performers coming together to better their careers and their industry. You will have access to a range of excellent masterclasses, workshops and other professional development opportunities run by the Equity Foundation. Being a performer is not a hobby. It’s a profession.

We hope to see you there!

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We strive to make high quality content and training accessible for all artists.

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