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That couldn’t be any more perfect. We love uplifting the art in our community and showcasing extraordinary local talent. We produce, direct, write, film, and photograph our own work to make epic and memorable events. We also support independent creatives by tailoring content packages to get your event the buzz it deserves!

In developement:

The Bell

From the award winning multidisciplinary artists of Imperfect Creatives, The Bell is a Gothic Horror made manifest on stage, exploring the timeless and distinctly human fear of being buried alive.

Set to a background of 19th century gothic spiritualism; our protagonist, buried in a coffin under the ground, muses on the twists and turns her life has taken leading to her untimely interment and her desperate struggle to find a way out.

A visual style straight out of the works of Wes Anderson and a literary melody in the air of Edgar Alan Poe, The Bell is a showcase fusing the last 3000 years of theatre trickery with the last hundred years of television techwizardry.

The Bell fuses the notions of on stage and backstage, placing the technology and creativity front and centre. Utilising projection,
diorama sets and state of the art camera and broadcast technology, The Bell is not only extremely entertaining, but intellectually fascinating for any person who has ever wondered “How did they do that?”.

Created and produced by Jack Kelly, Jeanda St James, Craig Cauchi and Brie Jurss.  Performed by Brie Jurss.

Past events.

It's Hot Like
The Sun

by Madeleine Border & Honor Webster-Mannison

November 2021

A post-apocalyptic love song to humanity, re-framing an environmental crisis to explore femininity at the end of the world.

Directed by Zed Hopkins & Karina White, ‘Sometimes It’s Hot Like the Sun’ is a bubbling exploration of humanity. It’s a ruckus that celebrates the hilarity and chaos of the human experience by investigating how we understand our personal and shared identities in a world on the brink of collapse.

This contemporary piece of Australian theatre was written by Brisbane playwrights, Madeleine Border and Honor Webster-Mannison, before being published by Playlab in 2020. In partnership with the playwrights, Imperfect Creatives will be producing the first redevelopment of the work since its publication.


Cast includes Meg Bowden, George Harris & Brie Jurss

Set design + build by Jack Kelly & Frank Godoy 

Production design by Jack Kelly


by Chris Isaacs, Directed by Tyler Harlum,

Anywhere Festival May 2019

‘Once a decision is made… you can’t go back’

Six twenty-something year old’s reunite for a private getaway in the West Australian Outback. Road tripping for hours, they sing at the top of their lungs, coming together as if they had never been apart. Just them, the open road and the land, on a trip that couldn’t go wrong- until it does. Their actions, reactions and how they process the events that follow will change their lives forever.

FLOOD by Chris Isaacs can act as a warning to us as a nation to move forward by exploring identity and the unconscious racial bias in our country.

A night of unique storytelling at The University of Queensland in The Great Court. 

“That night, that piece of dirt out there, we owned it. It was ours.”

Cast includes Meg Bowden, Campbell Lindsay, Tom Yaxley, Brendan Perez-Compton, Brie Jurss, Emma Lamberton

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