Get excited for your self-tapes!

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Here's a little guide for clothing

Nothing too rigid and conservative, and nothing too loose and exposing.

Loose clothing might be more flattering in real life for some, but as a general rule – tighter clothing always looks better on camera.

Bring a variety of necklines, this includes jackets and jumpers. A nice knitted jumper, a denim jacket, a singlet, and a fitted t-shirt would cover you for a variety of looks and offer differing necklines and layers.

Black and white only work in certain lighting, with certain backgrounds, so definitely include in your options on the day, but make sure you also have plenty of medium tone colour options as well. Bright colours can work, such as red, purple and blue. Navy, maroon, olive green, denim, grey and leather are great. Keep your skin tone in mind, often lighter skin tones appear washed out when wearing black, and darker skin tones appear even darker when wearing white.

It’s safest to avoid patterns, logos and especially stripes. If there are some more striking items of clothing you own that people comment nicely on when you wear out, it’s worth bringing. Often our friends are a better judge of what looks good on us than we are!